It’s vitally important that mental health care services are considered a basic human right.
— unknown
Do you wear eyeglasses? If you’ve ever bought a pair of eyeglasses you know how expensive it can be, just to see. Being able to see is a basic human right—necessary for our survival! Human beings should be entitled to a pair of eyeglasses. It’s ridiculous that there should be people walking around half-blind because they can’t afford the pumped-up prices of a pair of glasses, for Pete’s sake.
— unknown
Nutrition is an important part of our overall health, of course, but also for our mental health. Homeless people are among the largest groups known to have high concentrations of mentally ill individuals. See the connection?
— Shenita Etwaroo
Medicine could be viewed as social justice work, in a world riven by inequity. Who is considered human enough to have that right, if access to health care is considered a human right? Shelter, education, good health care, and clear water are meant to be encompassed in the set of basics that people must have as birthrights.
— unknown
We need officials who will commit to the health of the nation and the rights of the people, through electing the right people, however, we would be able to ensure that no private sector institution and no group of ideologues can co-opt our rights, drive us into insensible wars and steal the nation from its people.
— unknown
If any preoccupation comes in to bother the mind, just say in your heart, Leave me alone. Don’t bother me. You’re no affair of mine. If any critical thoughts come up fear for your life, fear that you will be thinking of this person, just say in your heart, Don’t bother me. You’re no affair of mine.
— Daily Dharma for December 18th 2012 An excerpt from The Last Gift Ajahn Chahah
Breathing in, ‘I have arrived,’ breathing out, ‘I am home.’
— Thich Nhat Hanh (Submitted by Gail Newport UK)
Nothing is more fatal to health than an over care of it.
— Benjamin Franklin (Submitted by: Lars, MN)
Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.
— Jim Rohn (Submitted by: Jason Rockwell, Portland OR)
It’s pleasing to discover that it isn’t necessary to drive oneself forward; instead, one can simply allow oneself to move forward as blocks are removed. Thus, one becomes attracted by the future rather than propelled by the past.
— Dr. David Hawkins
Out of all-inclusive, unconditional compassion comes the healing of all mankind.
— Dr. David Hawkins